What We Do
The Spay Neuter Project works to eliminate the overpopulation of cats and dogs in Jefferson County, TN. We do this by providing ultra low cost spay neuter services. We also perform Trap Neuter Return to address the issue of stray cats. No one is turned away. If a client is unable to afford the full cost of surgery, we can assist.
What We Have Done So Far
In 2018, The Spay Neuter Project facilitated "fixing" 200 animals:
Cats Spayed (Companion & Feral):  93
Cats Neutered (Companion & Feral):  71
Dogs Spayed: 16
Dogs Neutered: 20

What We Are Doing in 2019

For 2019, our goal is to spay and neuter at least 1000 companion and feral animals.  To do this we have scheduled two spay and neuter events every month!

As of November 4 for 2019, The Spay Neuter Project has facilitated "fixing" 893 animals:
Cats Spayed (Companion & Feral):  
Cats Neutered (Companion & Feral):  
Dogs Spayed: 
Dogs Neutered: 

Do You Have A Pet You Need Fixed?
If you have a pet you would like to get altered, please call us at (865) 279-1276.

Do You Have A Stray That Needs To Be Fixed?
If you are feeding and or sheltering one or more feral or community cats who have not yet been altered, please call our TNR Division at (865) 340-9035.

Did You Know?
That the number of animals surrendered to Jefferson County animal shelters is almost 5 times the national average based on population?

That 50% of animals surrendered to the shelters are puppies and kittens?

That there aren't enough homes in our area to adopt all these pets?

That cats can become pregnant as young as 4 months old?

That a cat can have as many as 3 litters per year, every year of its life?

 That theaverage litter size is 4 kittens?

That kittens are fragile and are prone to become very sick in a shelter?

That unfixed males are prone to serious injury while fighting for mates?

That once fixed, cats are significantly less likely to roam, fight, yowl, and spray?

That the ONLY way to reduce overcrowding at the shelters is through spay/neuter programs?
Help us eliminate unwanted litters.
Fix your pets